Zoie Kasper is a Rotterdam, Netherlands based photographer whose dreamy and transformative 35mm film photographs catapults viewers into otherworldly vistas. From vibrant, aquatic landscapes to mystical still-lifes of everyday objects; Zoie's work feels like a midafternoon psychedelic daydream.  
    Jasper was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in the Pacific Northwest of Seattle. Her obsession with fantasy series (such as Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Eragon) along with her love of browsing through old family photographs; all shaped and inspired her love for hunting and preserving whimsical fleeting moments.
 This past January we got a chance to meet over Google Chat to discuss old hard drives, escapism and bringing in the New Year.

 Jan 20th, 2024 9:37 AM (EST)

Lauren Roche: Hello! Thanks again for meeting me.

Zoie Kasper: Hi 🙂 Of course, thanks for having me!

LR: Where am I chatting with you from right now?

ZK: I am currently in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

LR: Aww, lovely. Happy New Year btw! 🎉

ZK: Thank you, Happy New Year to you too! Can’t believe its already 2024.

LR: I know! Time is flying! Do you have any photography IN's and OUT's for 2024?

ZK: Ooooo....IN's: Flash photography (always an IN in my opinion), printing out photos instead of digital files, scrapbooking and personally I want to ask more strangers for portraits.

LR: I love those, espeically printing out photos.
Too many photos get lost on the hard drives!

ZK: Right! My hard drive with all my teenage pictures burnt up so I lost like ten years of photos.

LR: Oh no!

ZK: My Dad just miraculously fixed it though and I recently got the pics back. So lucky. But I learned my lesson. Haha.

LR: Were there any photos that stuck out to you from the hard drive?

ZK: Yessss I had taken pictures of before-and-after cleaning my room. I think I was like 12, haha, but its like a time capsule.

LR: I love that documentation, I’m glad you got it back!

ZK: Me toooo!  Oh yeah and as for the OUTS {for 2024} I would say social media algorithms (and maybe this is more of an IN..but normalizing taking creative breaks).

LR: I totally agree. It’s normal for our practice to step away from our mediums from time to time.

I’m curious to learn about some of your process. Many of your photos have this dreamy, mystical element. What draws you to these moments and locations?

ZK: Ever since I was a kid I was drawn to fantasy. I grew up in the suburbs and I loved reading fantasy books because they would transport me to somewhere more exciting. I think this stuck with me from the moment I picked up a camera. I have always been in search of that magic if that makes sense.

LR: I can totally feel that with your work...it really transports the viewer to another world.

ZK: I’m glad it translates. A bit of escapism isnt always a bad thing right haha.

LR: Exactly...especially during the dead of winter !
You're originally from the West Coast of the U.S. Has moving to Rotterdam affected the way you shoot or see the world?

ZK: Absolutely. In different ways too. For one, I started shooting way more when I moved because I didn't know many people here yet aka no social life ;). And Rotterdam (and Netherlands as a whole) has such interesting architecture and design. Just being in a new environment was stimulating and there was so many new things to see and take photos of. And it’s funny though because living here now for six years, I see my home town in a different light. I used to not feel very inspired there but the last time I went back I realised how special it is to me.

LR: I love how travel can make you think and feel differently about your hometown.

ZK: Same here, a reminder for me to appreciate where I come from +my roots.

LR: Absolutely . Much of your nature work reminds me of painters (Henri Mattise and Milton Avery). Especially with your use of landscape and color. Are there any other mediums besides photography that inspire you and your work (ie: music, etc).

ZK: Wow thank you, actually I am really inspired by painters in the post impressionist/fauvist movement. I used to want to be a painter before I considered myself a photographer. So, yes, Mattise is an inspiration for me as well as others like Cézanne, Gaugin and Van Gogh.

LR: I can tell you have a painters eye!
I feel you capture unique textures in nature and bring them to a new life form.

ZK: I love that, I guess that might come from being surrounded by nature growing up in the Pacific North West. It’s ingrained in me but also something I really think I picked up on once I moved to the Netherlands.

LR: That makes sense ! The PNW is so beautiful;
speaking of nature...many of your images hold such a connection to plants and wildlife. Do you have a favorite flower or plant?

ZK: Yes my favorite flowers at the moment are dahlias and anthuriums.

LR: So beautiful!  I had to look up what an anthuriums was...I never knew the name.

ZK: I actually found this huge greenhouse here in the countryside that only sells anthuriums in all these different colors and sizes...its amazing.

LR: Did you end up shooting there?

ZK: I didnt shoot there but I did take a bunch home with me and took pictures of them in my apartment and outside! They are so cool and they last for weeks.

LR:  I bet they are so beautiful to have at home.
Well thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Zoie!
I have one last question:
What is your favorite way to wind down after a day of shooting?

ZK: I love to wind down by laying on the couch and watching a lighthearted series or some good ole reality tv with some popcorn haha.

Thank you so much for having me Lauren, it was fun to chat!  👋👋

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